Glasgow School of Art

Client: Glasgow School of Art

LDN were honoured to be shortlisted for the restoration of Glasgow School of Art after the disastrous fire that ravaged it in May 2014.

Our conservation proposals suggested removing the years of accreted development from the studios and circulation spaces that were obscuring the practical elegance and open-ness of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s seminal design.

The Library was almost entirely gutted by the fire but a few precious elements did survive including long shards of the timber columns and remnants of the central lighting pendant. We considered that an academic reconstruction of the library could only ever be a copy of the original and suggested that the library should be reconstructed but that the elements of fabric that survived the fire should be incorporated into the design. Visitors would discover them as they move around the space and their presence would enable visitors to understand the history of the space as well as the beauty of its architecture.

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