Coldstone House and Steadings

Client: Private

Coldstone House and Steadings enjoy Category B listed status - although both had suffered from inappropriate changes and a lack of general maintenance over time. Our client was very clear in briefing us; he wanted very much to return the buildings to as close to their original forms, figures and materials as practicable while accommodating the needs of a young family in the 21st century.

The House was completed first, with an extension removed, all of the windows replaced and the harling redone - all through close historical research. The interior spaces were also “rediscovered” through, substantially, removing ill thought out and installed improvements.

The immediate landscape has been transformed, with the ha-ha and extensive dry stone walls reinstated. Sensitive remodelling and planting of the grounds was undertaken into the middle distance, much under the care of our client.

For the Steadings, a similar reductive but truly authentic approach has been taken to return all of the buildings and grounds to form an unassuming completeness.

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