Craigsbank Church

The main challenge presented by this project was the need to develop enduring practical details that would preserve the original visual intent. LDN tried to use contemporary materials as they might have been deployed by William Kininmonth had they been available when the church was built.

The existing render surfaces were covered with a new polymer modified reinforced render finish which could be applied over dissimilar backgrounds without the need for movement joints which would have undermined the simplicity of the rendered planar surfaces.

This was particularly important at the wall head parapet junction where we wanted to avoid creating vulnerable high level surfaces. The wall heads were capped with bespoke pressed metal cappings, joined lengthways with gasketed clips and set flush with the dry dash finish in order to preserve the existing visual profile.

A single ply PVC roof membrane was selected as an easily repairable surface that would be adaptable to the complicated three dimensional details and junctions. Clerestory windows and roof lights were replaced with contemporary products which repeat the visual profile and materials of the components used in 1966.

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