Frigate Unicorn

Client: The Frigate Unicorn Trust


HM Frigate Unicorn, launched at Chatham Dockyard in1824, is an exemplar British-built Leda Class frigate of the period. She was built as part of the programme to re-equip the British Navy after the end of the Napoleonic Wars but, not being required for active service, was immediately laid up in reserve or in ordinary as it is known. 

Uniquely, among the World’s surviving historic ships she has never been rigged for sailing in the whole of her 184 year working life. She is currently berthed in Dundee and is the oldest British-built historic ship afloat. She is one of only five frigates surviving in the World and, although not as well known to the general public, the Unicorn is of comparable significance to the most famous iconic surviving historic ships in the UK: HMS Victory, Cutty Sark and Mary Rose. 

LDN Architects led a team of experts including naval historians and collections specialists who prepared a Conservation Plan for the Frigate and a feasibility options appraisal which examined how her future could best be assured. Initiatives to ensure her future are still underway.

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