McArthur’s Store

McArthur’s Store, in the old harbour of Dunbar, East Lothian, is a rare example of an early 18c harbour warehouse, one of the oldest surviving in Scotland. The category B listed building has a distinctive character derived from its position and origins as a quayside granary. Now used as store and workshop by the local shell fishers, a heritage in itself, the building has fallen into a state of advanced disrepair and dilapidation.

Following on from a Feasibility Report, LDN Architects were commissioned in 2007 by the Dunbar Townscape Heritage Initiative to develop proposals for the repair and conservation in order to ensure the survival of the building for future use by the fishermen. Our proposal also includes the refurbishment of some parts of the ground floor as a communal meeting room and an office space for the Dunbar Harbour Trust now owning the building.

The project was granted funding by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Historic Scotland, amongst others. Archaeological investigation during the construction works have revealed remains of former harbour buildings and basin walls, and highlighted the significance of some of the building elements: rare surviving examples of ship timbers re-used as posts and beams throughout the building.

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