Skipton Town Hall Development

Client: Craven District Council

The Skipton Town Hall project involves the upgrading of its Museum and Concert Hall, the creation of support spaces and a programme of fabric repairs. It provides the accommodation required by the client in order to ensure the future financial sustainability of the building while allowing different areas to be used for various activities simultaneously, maximising the available accommodation. 

The Concert Hall will be returned to its larger form by removing the proscenium arch and replacing the fixed stage with a demountable stage which allows greater flexibility and enables the stage to be made accessible from new back of house facilities. The fabric of the Hall will be restored including the ornate plasterwork ceiling and existing windows and electrical/mechanical services will be upgraded. New bleachers raked seating will be installed to improve comfort and sightlines and the Hall will be fully redecorated, all improving the quality and draw of the accommodation as a whole.

In addition to these two key components of the building there is to be a series of support spaces within a new extension, including: Museum Store, Education Room, Flexible Use Changing Rooms, Kitchen, Storage and WCs. These, in combination with works to the Existing Building that create two commercial units, will maximise flexibility, transforming the building into a self-sustaining community and cultural hub.

The project will produce a building that will not only be an improvement to the built environment of Skipton and Craven, but one that will be a regionally significant cultural venue. Skipton Town Hall will offer a first rate museum and heritage experience with an exciting programme of events, activities and high quality performances including theatre, dance, music and live stream performances.

The developing proposals have been the subject of wide end-user and community consultation.




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